Monday, October 4, 2010

A Week and a Long Day

"A week and a long day"...  That's how the Navy Seals describe hell week.  Now, a tough week at The Lake isn't quite 120 consecutive hours awake and in action.  As a matter of fact, a bad week at The Lake is probably better than a good week at a lot of places. 

In our effort to get our young ballclub to understand what our version of playing hard is, we've had to change the tempo of practice.  Last Tuesday, we were timid at Middle Georgia.  As with anything else in life, when you go into something without belief in yourself, it doesn't quite work out the way you'd like.  We took one on the chin from an opponent because we weren't up to the task on Tuesday, so Wednesday, we drew a line in the sand and made them fight (metephorically, moms!) to get over it.  Thursday was more of the same, and Friday we got to see the fruit of our labor. 

After being embarrassed at MGC, we went down to Darton and beat the Cavs 18-3 at their place and took a 4-0 win from Chipola.  The lesson learned is that just getting after someone's ass is most of the game.  We're still a long way from February, and the long day hasn't quite ended for this group of Pirates, but we're looking a lot more like Chatt Valley than we had been.

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