Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Black and Blue

Our annual fall world series is about to begin on Friday, and like every year there will be bragging rights and steak dinners on the line.  Tomorrow is the 5th and final game of our " divisional" series...  We really just call it that because the "series before the series" sucks for a title...  And the winner of the divisional set will get home field advantage for the real deal.  Both teams have had some good moments thus far, and it looks like it really is going to be another year where either club could realistically win.

Also happening are our crossfit games.  Four teams compete in head to head competitions every day to earn points toward t-shirts, free passes, and a boatload of pride.  In the midst of the team competition is the individual Iron Pirate competition, which basically amounts to the guys who can go the hardest for the longest getting a sweet t-shirt.

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