Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting closer

I know...  Its been a while since I've posted anything, or at least its been longer than I've intended it to be.  Since my last post, we've played several games, both against true opponents and our own split squads.  We're beginning to show signs of the potential we know we've got, though we're no where near a finished product yet. 

I don't really know what the origin of our biggest obstacle lately really is.  I can't be certain if it is just coincidental, whether its a manifestation of the "summer ball" phenomenon that has swept the country, or even if it is my own perception, skewed by recent success and a few more years under my belt as a coach.  Whatever the case, the obstacle I'm speaking of is the one I wrote about last week.  The good news is that we're making headway.  Last Friday was the best practice we've had all fall, though not for the reasons you might think.  It isn't that we played really well or that we were perfect, because we weren't.  What made it a good practice was that our guys began to start getting after it.  We started to see some competition that had been absent until then.  We were able to carry that over to Saturday, and it led to two well played ballgames against ABAC, one of our Georgia rivals. 

This week has been a solid one, we intrasquaded twice, and our offense is starting to emerge...  This of course happens at the expense of the pitching staff, who left a bit to be desired at times, but overall, the quality of the baseball we're playing has increased. 

I think we're probably very close to where we want to be in terms of understanding our system and the way we run our plays...  Things need to be cleaned up, but there is very little confusion anymore.  On the other front - the one that matters the most (in my opinion anyway) - the competitive front, I'd say we're closer to only about half way there.  We're starting to compete in spurts, and if you watch us play, you'll see it here and there.  Very soon I think we'll be at a point where a core group of guys emerges with the right attitude, skill set, and production to lead us into the spring campaign.  Once that happens, the rest of the bunch will probably take notice and we'll be much closer to where we expect to be. 

Tomorrow we take our crew down to Troy University to square up with two  ACCC-North opponents, so it will be another opportunity to see how we've progressed.

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