Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Baseball Coach's Blog

For a while now, I've toyed with the idea of creating a blog or journal that follows myself and my team through the entirety of a season. With that purpose in mind, here are a few details to get me going:

First off, I'm going to write this under the assumption that if you're reading it, you have a working knowledge of the game of baseball. If you don't, there may be times where I use jargon you may or may not understand... Don't hesitate to ask me to clarify.

I am the assistant baseball coach at Chattahoochee Valley Community College in Phenix City, AL. I've just completed my 6th season with CV(we're the Pirates, by the way), and this fall I'll be entering my 7th. We've gone 234-102 in the 6 years I've been with the team, held a national ranking as high as number 2, bee o a region tournament 6 times, won the conference once, had over 60 players move on to 4 year schools and had 13 get drafted or sign professional contracts(with several more on the way this June). In short: we've been good, we expect to be good, and most of my opinions or comments will be based on those expectations.

I serve as the hitting instructor and infield coach, and I primarily work with position players, though I often work individually with pitchers who are struggling.

In this blog you'll get alook inside my team, this wonderful game, and my mind as we make our way through another season at Chatt Valley.

This is a baseball story.


  1. 2 good posts coach. I like the idea. I'll be checking these out for sure. "We expect to win" know I like the confidence haha

    - Tristan

  2. Thanks Tristan, and I think it's safe to say anyone that knows you knows you're a big believer in confidence! I tell you what though, that's what made you so great for us, you always knew you were going to succeed.... And that's why you always will.


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